We Can Breathe Again

Okay, everyone can breathe now.

Well, we could if we didn’t still have to wear a mask.

At least the election is over and we can put that behind us.  Whether your candidate won or not, life will go on.  Regardless of who wins an election, people aren’t going to be happy.  No one ever wins 100 percent of the votes.

Personally I’m glad to be talking about something different for a change. 

It’s time to breathe. 

If you are feeling a bit out of breath you can get it back.  

God said in Ezekiel 37:5 that He would put breath in us and make us live again.  

Why did He say that?

This Bible passage was written by the prophet Ezekiel.  Ezekiel had a vision about dry human bones coming back to life which was a representation of the rebirth of Israel.  Israel had become a dead nation without their king, their land and their temple.  It was a prophecy that Israel would come back to life again.  

Sometimes we feel like our life has been drained out of us.  It is especially true that many of us have been weakened because of COVID-19.  I know I am very weary from it and wonder if the day will come when life will return to normal.  There are times we all feel dead and hopeless.  

God has a way to restore our lives.  He is the creator so if anyone knows anything about restoring life to something that was dead, He certainly does.  

So, in reality, how does He do that for us?

When we turn to God, He can restore us and give us a renewed sense of purpose and direction.  We don’t have to be defined (or confined) to the circumstances around us. The Spirit of God is what can impart in us the ability to breathe again.  

Turning to God doesn’t mean He’s going to talk to you and tell you anything.  It sure would be nice if He did.  It would certainly make it easier but God works in the way that He works but it does work if you have the dedication and patience to allow Him to do it.  There is no super spiritual spooky way to get there.

What is always encouraging is knowing that God’s mercies are renewed in us every day.  (Lamentations 3:22-23)  I know there are times when I need a fresh start but there is hope in the start of a new day.  New days bring new hopes and possibilities.  

If you wake up in the morning with the weight of your life on your shoulders, you can believe that God’s grace starts over with you.  You don’t have to suffocate, you can breathe again.  

Let me be direct and cut through the religious talk here.

When you get up in the morning, don’t watch CNN, FOX or see the latest post on Twitter.  Don’t clutter your mind the first thing of the day.  Start your day with a fresh mind and attitude.  Instead try to start the day with meditation, prayer, silence or something positive.  Don’t bring noise into your mind the moment you open your eyes.  


Trust me.  This works but I will also be honest and say that it’s hard to do.  It is too easy to fall into bad habits.  It’s easier to turn on the television or looking at social media rather than praying to a God who doesn’t talk back.  It would be nice if God would send us a text or post something on Facebook.  

In Micah Tyler’s song “New Today”, he sings:

Your mercies are new today (Your mercies are new today)

Your mercies are new today, oh-oh (Your mercies are new)

I can rest on Your shoulders

There is grace to start over

Your mercies are new today, oh    

We can start breathing easier now if we start our days with a new today.  God can breathe life back into your life and help you to live again.