Football Friday (7/19/19)


Sioux Falls Storm defeats Arizona Rattlers to win United Bowl title

Let’s take a look at what’s going on with American Football being played around the world and the latest news:


American Arena League, CEO, Tony Zefiretto released the 2019 American Arena League All Star Team. “The unbalanced schedule presented some uniqueness to the process of owners and coaches nominating the players. We have representation from eight different teams. Although we do not anticipate an All Star game this season, these players deserve to be recognized for their outstanding seasons.”

  • Coach of the Year Ervin Bryson Carolina Energy Mook Zimmerman West Virginia Roughriders
  • Dance Team of the Year First Class Dance Team Jersey Flight Sparks West Michigan Ironmen
  • Mascot of the Year Fe West Michigan Ironmen Richie the Rider West Virginia Roughriders
  • Kicker Jed Solomon Georgia Doom
  • Kick Returner Noel Devine West Virginia Roughriders
  • Offensive Player of the Year Larry Beavers West Virginia Roughriders
  • Quarterback Jarrett Brown West Virginia Roughriders
  • Running Back Dakota Smith West Michigan Ironmen
  • Wide Receiver Larry Beavers Jr. West Virginia Roughriders Gerron “Scooby” Bryant Carolina Energy Carrington Thompson West Michigan Ironmen Antwoine Thorpe Cape Fear Heroes
  • Offensive Line Steven Fluker Cape Fear Heroes Leon Hill Carolina Energy Zach Hooks Carolina Havoc Jesse Somsel West Michigan Ironmen
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Ellis Lankster West Virginia Roughriders Fred Williams Carolina Energy
  • Linebacker Cornelius Edmonds Indianapolis Enforcers Brian Price West Virginia Roughriders Fred Williams Carolina Energy
  • Defensive Back Ellis Lankster West Virginia Roughriders Sayyid Muhammad Carolina Energy Kevin Scott Jersey Flight Carlos Thomas Carolina Energy
  • Defensive Line Ryan Armstrong West Michigan Ironmen Harold Love West Virginia Roughriders Josh Smith Carolina Havoc Dequan Harvin Carolina Energy


The Washington Valor (6-5) defeated the Baltimore Brigade (6-5), 47-40, Saturday night at Royal Farms Arena. Valor quarterback Arvell Nelson threw for 271 yards and totaled seven touchdowns (five passing, two rushing) and was named the game’s Most Valuable Player. With the win, Washington clinches a postseason berth for the second consecutive season. After closing out the regular season next weekend against Columbus, the Valor will begin postseason play on the weekend of July 26. The 2019 postseason will kick off with a pair of home-and-home series between the top four teams in the league (#1 vs. #4 and #2 vs. #3) with games played on the weekends of July 26 and August 2. Teams will advance to ArenaBowl XXXII based on the aggregate score of the two games played. Unlike the first round of the playoffs, ArenaBowl XXXII will be a traditional single-game matchup on Sunday, August 11 at 3 p.m. ArenaBowl XXXII will be broadcast nationally on ESPN2.


The Duke City Gladiators are once again CIF Champions after they beat the Salina Liberty on Saturday night 35-29. The Gladiators are now two-time winners out of just five CIF Champions Bowl games.

“Amazing, we got the toughest young men in the country and I am not saying that because of an emotional win. I am saying that because man, did you see this game, it was all about guts”, said Gladiators Head Coach Dominic Bramante.

The Gladiators and Liberty were tied at 29 with under 30 seconds left in regulation, but 1st year DC running back Romello Brown would punch in the game-winning touchdown from two yards out.

“Right before the play, the running back in front of me, Justin Kelly, he told me to make a nice cutout. The lineman blocked well for me, and I put God first, and it happened man. I am very blessed”, said Romello Brown.

It was a big celebration after this win and Mayor Tim Keller was there to celebrate with the team after their 2nd consecutive CIF Championship victory.


The Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs (8-0) win their second-straight divisional crown as they head into the 2019 GDFL Playoffs they won a messy game against the River City Pythons (5-3) on Saturday, a game that was sealed up by Randall “BayBay”Smith two interceptions of Carl Davis.

The pick halted a late Pythons’ drive and ended the game at 24-0 for the Bulldawgs. The Pythons have struggled to score for the 2nd time this season against the Bulldawgs only managing six points out of two games and the Pythons offense hit rock bottom at home against the Bulldawgs, while Carl Davis was just 4 of 11 for 60 yards and threw 6 interceptions Ramon Stevens was the Pythons’ leading rusher he only manged 40 yards on the ground.

That’s saying a lot, especially considering The Bulldawgs forced a team high of 8 turnovers in one game which is a franchise record, both teams went into halftime tied 0-0 but the excitement about the game for the Pythons might have been dampened though, quite literally, by the fact that the second half of the game was played in an absolute downpour. Head Coach Derek Baker,said It was like a monsoon out there.

There was widespread flooding reported throughout the south as Hurricane Berry made land fall in Louisiana and the effects where felt as far away as Decatur,Alabama.

The game suffered a bit from the conditions, as sloppy passes, lost footing, and general sogginess slowed down play and hindered execution. In the end, the Bulldawgs got it done though, grabbing the Xtreme Division and handing the Pythons their third loss of the season and costing them the Impact South Division crown.

Middle Tennessee relied on their running game and defense to get them through the weather conditions, the Bulldawgs ran the ball by committee and ended up with 300 yards rushing and 3 rushing touchdowns with 5 different backs getting touches Keon Bohannon had 10 rushes for 55 yards and Tae Bradley had 15 for 65 yards add in Rahiim Muhammad the Black Rhino coming back off an injury since February,he had 9 rushes for 95 yards and a touchdown and lead all backs.


The Sioux Falls Storm claimed their 11th National Championship after defeating the Arizona Rattlers in the 2019 United Bowl 56-53.

The Storm would strike first after a seven-yard touchdown pass by Lorenzo Brown to Damian Ford to take an early 7-0 lead. The Rattlers responded by scoring back to back touchdowns to take a 7-14 lead; the first was a three-yard rushing touchdown by Jarrod Harrington and then a two-yard rushing touchdown by Jamal Miles. The quarter would end with a score of 14-14 after a 40-yard touchdown pass by Lorenzo Brown to Brandon Sheperd.

The second quarter was a back and forth battle where the Rattlers would take a 14-21 lead after a one-yard rushing touchdown by Drew Powell. The Storm tied it up after a 11-yard rushing touchdown by Brandon Sheperd. The Rattlers would take a 21-28 lead after a 29-yard touchdown pass by Drew Powell to Anthony Amos. The Storm tied the game after a six-yard rushing touchdown by Lorenzo Brown. The Rattlers would end the half with a score of 28-31 after a 31-yard field goal by Jimmy Camacho.

The Rattlers would be the first to strike in the third quarter and take a 28-38 lead after a eight-yard touchdown pass by Drew Powell to Jamal Miles. The Storm would score back to back touchdowns to take a 42-38 lead; the first was a three-yard touchdown pass by Lorenzo Brown to Kent Shelby and then a two-yard rushing touchdown by Calen Campbell. The Rattlers would end the quarter with a score of 42-45 after a 58-yard kickoff return Jarrod Harrington.

The Storm opened the fourth quarter by scoring back to back touchdowns to take a 56-45 lead; the first touchdown was a 26-yard pass by Lorenzo Brown to Calen Campbell and then a nine-yard touchdown pass by Lorenzo Brown to Kent Shelby. The Rattlers would end the game with a 11-yard rushing touchdown by Drew Powell but failed the two point conversion, bringing the final score to 56-53.

Quarterback Lorenzo Brown completed 15 passes for 200 yards and five touchdowns, he also had 19 rushing yards and one touchdown. Running back Calen Campbell had 28 yards and one touchdown, he also had 28 receiving yards and one touchdown. Wide receivers Brandon Sheperd accumulated 115 receiving yards for one touchdown and 21 rushing yards and one touchdown, Damian Ford had 38 yards and one touchdown, Kent Shelby had 19 receiving yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 30 yards. Kicker Parker Douglass was perfect on the night after hitting all eight extra points. Linebacker T.J. Neal led the Thunder Defense with eight tackles, two sacks, three tackles for loss, one forced fumble and one pass break-up. Defensive backs Lorenzo White had one tackle for loss while Jermaine Robinson had one pass break-up. Defensive linemen Charles Williams had 1.5 tackles for loss and one fumble recovery while Claude Davis had .5 tackle for loss.


In three years there had only been one shutout in NAL history until two week ago when the Cobras travelled to Orlando and beat the Predators (2-10) 60-0, but home cooking is good the second time around as the Cobras outperformed the first matchup, this time winning 72-0 in Greensboro to run their record to 9-3 and with the Pirates losing the Cobras now will host a playoff game as they locked up the #2 Seed in the NAL Playoffs. Jordan Jolly also set a NEW NAL record for yardage on the year with 1,119 yards for the season, beating the old record of 1,085 set by Durron Neal of the Columbus Lions last season. Charles McCullum tied the NAL record with nine TD passes, and I believe the Cobras defense set an NAL record allowing only five first downs and 66 net yards passing.

Current standings:

  1. Jacksonville Sharks (11-1)
  2. Carolina Cobras (9-3)
  3. Massachusetts Pirates (7-5)
  4. Columbus Lions (4-8)
  5. New York Streets (3-9)
  6. Orlando Predators (2-10)



The Dacia Vienna Vikings scored two second half touchdowns and solved a riddle in beating the Prague Black Panthers in the Austrian Football League semifinals to advance to Austrian Bowl XXXV.

The riddle was simple. How do you stop the Prague running attack in the second half while mounting your own running attack? The answer. Play harder and smarter. And they did just that.

Prague running back Herbert Gamboa had a field day in the first half against the Vikings, rushing for 143 yards and scoring two touchdowns while his quarterback Dylan Potts rushed for 47 and another score.

In the second half, Gamboa was held to seven yards, Potts eight. And zero touchdowns.  Read more…


Current Standings:

  • Eastern Division
    • Hamilton Tigercats (4-1)
    • Montreal Alouettes (2-2)
    • Ottawa RedBlacks (2-2)
    • Toronto Argonauts (0-4)
  • Western Division
    • Winnipeg Bluebombers (4-0)
    • Edmonton Eskimos (3-1)
    • Calgary Stampeders (2-2)
    • Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-3)
    • British Columbia Lions (1-4)

Last Week’s Results:

  • Edmonton 33, British Columbia 6
  • Winnipeg 48, Toronto 21
  • Montreal 36, Ottawa 19
  • Hamilton 30, Calgary 23

This Week’s Schedule:

  • Toronto at Calgary
  • Ottawa at Winnipeg
  • Edmonton at Montreal
  • British Columbia at Saskatchewan


The Calanda Broncos played extremely effective football this past weekend in shutting out the Geneva Seahawks 31-0 to win Swiss Bowl XXXIV, claiming their third straight title and 10th overall.

With a smothering defense that snagged two interceptions, forced a fumble and made three key fourth down stops, the Broncos stunned the visitors and the rest of the Swiss football community.

It wasn’t the win but the way they won that surprised everyone.

Geneva had beaten the defending champs once during the regular season and had looked solid all year. Experts were expecting an exciting, close-fought final.

On this day though, Calanda simply took it up a notch.  Read more…


The unbeaten and defending champion Koc Rams (7-0) will be looking to win their fourth straight Turkish title Sunday, July 14 when the take on the 6-2 METU Falcons in the Turkish Bowl.

The Rams downed the ITÜ Hornets 35-27 in the semifinals to advance to the title game while METU qualified by edging the Bogazici Sultans 28-26.

In the only meeting between the two teams this season, the Rams came out on top 33-23.

The Rams are making their sixth consecutive trip to the Turkish final while the Falcons are appearing for the second time in their history.  Read more…

(Thanks to and American Football International for their reports.)

Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

Whoever came up with that saying was a dumb ass.

Sorry but words DO hurt. I don’t think we’ve ever lived in a time where people use words like a weapon as they do today.

Social media has made this even worse. Twitter rants, Facebook posts and text messages are common now. People let loose now instead of thinking about the words they use.

I recently had a comment to a Facebook post from a psychotic family member which was intent on breaking my bones. My first impulse was to fire back with a word attack of my own. I restrained that impulse. They weren’t worth it. I removed any future contact by unfriending common friends. I’m not going to make myself an easy target to this troubled person.

That’s what you have to do to people who want to use words to hurt you. You remove their access to you. There’s no sense in allowing people to abuse you. I have known some folks who actually seem to enjoy that kind of abuse or debating the wordslingers. That’s not me and I won’t tolerate it. If you say something stupid to me, you’re gone.  Save the drama for Hollywood.

The truth is that words do hurt people. I call these people “emotional terrorists” because they will find words until they get the rights ones that will do the most damage. They want to push your button.  Don’t let them find that button.

In the world we live it is so easy for people to say something negative and tear down people instead of being positive and encouraging.

Why is it so hard to use positive words?  Why can’t we think first to encourage people with our words and understanding rather than tear someone down?  There is a desperate need for positive words today.

Negative words aren’t simply sticks and stones, they can be an atomic bomb meant to devastate a person. There’s no need for this.

I have a few things that work for me when someone attempts to hurt me with words:

  1. Consider the source:  Hurting people hurt people.  Whoever is saying hurtful words to you is not an expert on who you are.
  2. Consider the situation:  Sometimes situations bring out the worst in people.
  3. Know who you are:  You know you and hurtful words don’t have to change you.
  4. Remove yourself from it:  Don’t subject yourself to it.  Get away from it.  Unfriend them.  You don’t have to put up with it.

Life is too short to put up with stupid people with hurtful words. You know who you are and one person’s opinion of you doesn’t mean they are right. Don’t waste your time in a word war.

I know. Words still hurt. That’s how we are. We are still human with human emotions and feelings but we also have control over how we respond so that the sticks and stones won’t break us.

Good News Wednesday (7/17/19)

Take a look at some good news from the past week that you might have missed.


A fast-thinking Jacks Valley Target employee saved someone from buying a $5,000 pre-paid gift card at the request of telephone scammers.

“The caring Target employee halted the transaction and notified the Sheriff’s Office,” Spokesman Sgt. Jeff Schemenauer said. “The Sheriff’s Office is asking all retailers who sell pre-paid cards to conduct awareness training and help our community protect one another.”

Schemenauer asked residents, and especially seniors, to be aware that the FBI isn’t going to call and tell them they have a warrant that can only be satisfied by mailing a $2,000-$5,000 pre-paid gift card.  Read more here…


Berkeley South Carolina Deputy Will Kimbro stopped a car for speeding last month but he didn’t know he would end up saving an infant’s life.

The dramatic events took place during a routine patrol on June 11 and was caught on a newly released video recorded by the officer’s body camera.  Read more here…


Georgia cops were pleasantly surprised when several Good Samaritans turned in thousands of dollars that spilled out onto a highway earlier this week after the side door of an armored truck suddenly opened.

Dunwoody Police said several people have turned in money they picked up along I-285 near Ashford-Dunwoody Road on Monday night, when the door mishap sent an unspecified amount of money flying into the air.  Read more here…


It’s uncertain whether the struggling residents of Central Florida have ever prayed for their medical bills to be wiped out, but that’s exactly what just happened. Sixty-five hundred families are going to get letters in the mail saying their debt has been paid by people they’ve never met.

“It’s one thing for us to say, ‘God loves you,” Senior Pastor Dan Glenn told his congregation. “It’s another for us to show it.”

When Stetson Baptist Church found itself with an ‘extra Sunday’ at the end of its fiscal year calendar, its leaders decided that on June 30th, the money collected during the service would be donated to charity. Their plan was to split the proceeds to support a group foster home that provides services for underserved youngsters and also help the residents of their home county of Volusia to pay their medical bills.  Read more here…

“Today or any day that phone may ring and bring good news.”

Ethel Waters

Boot Scooters To Play At Greer Stadium Site


Greer Stadium Site to be home to Boot Scooters

It’s not what they wanted but with time ticking, the Nashville Boot Scooters have agreed to play their inaugural season of the Xtreme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) at the former home of the Nashville Sounds.

“It’s not where we wanted but we had to make a decision so we could meet league deadlines for scheduling,” said Team Manager Ryan Cooper.

Cooper had hoped his team could play in the Gulch or a location closer to downtown where scooters are more prevalent.

“We will keep looking and hopefully have a better venue for next season.”

Greer Stadium has been vacant since the Sounds moved to First Tennessee Park in 2015.  The stadium has deteriorated over the years which leaves the Boot Scooters’ management a task to get ready for the first season in October.

“Right now our plan is to build the Sport Court and bleachers around the court on the baseball field and not use the existing bleachers,” Cooper said.  “Refurbishing the seats would cost too much.  We’ll just put our own stadium on the field.”

The Sport Court field will be a turf field which will be necessary for scooters to be used in the games.

The city reluctantly agreed to allowing the Boot Scooters to use the location.  Safety concerns where the chief concern but with the team using their own seating instead of the old Greer Stadium seating, the city agreed to let the team use the stadium this season with a one-year lease.

The XSQL will be releasing the 14-game regular season within the next two weeks.  The Boot Scooters will play their seven home games at Greer Stadium.



Who’s In Control?

Earthquakes rattle California.

Tropical storm batters New Orleans.

It’s in these times we realize that we aren’t in control. It scares us. We wonder sometimes what’s going on.

On a personal level, things happen in our lives that we don’t plan. Unexpected expenses drain our budget. We receive a bad report from the doctor.  These things remind us that we aren’t in control like we think we are.

Some call it fate. Some say “that’s just life”.

If you’re like me, you like being in control and planning things for expected results. The unexpected stuff throws me many times and I stress out.

Drama at work drains me. I don’t understand why people can’t just do what they are supposed to do.

Perhaps the thing that stresses me the most is finances. There never seems to be enough money to do everything that we need to do. Most people don’t have room in their budget for another bill to pay. That’s when it throws us when the unexpected happens.

I have heard it all of my life that God is in control. I believe that He is but sometimes my anxieties refuse to feel good about that when the unexpected happens.

I’d like to tell you that I never worry and I trust God during these times without question but the reality is that I fail miserably at this many times. I don’t want to feel this way. I want to have complete trust that God is in control.

The best way that I calm myself is force my mind to recall how God has gotten me through things in the past. He’s done it before and kept me through things so I should feel good that He can do it again.

When Jesus was in the boat on the Sea of Galilee in Matthew 8:23-27 with the disciples and the storms blew in and was tossing the waves against the ship, the disciples freaked out. This is funny because they had seen Jesus perform miracles before and here they were filled with anxiety about the storm. It was probably in their mind that even though Jesus has done other miracles that maybe this was something he could not do. This was a new problem so maybe he couldn’t do anything about it. Of course, Jesus spoke to the storm and the weather obeyed him and became calm again. I can only imagine how silly the disciples felt. Okay, so why were we so worried about?

That’s how silly I usually feel after I am on the other side of a situation. It’s easy to have faith after you’ve been through something than when you are in the middle of a situation you can’t control.

So why is it so hard to trust God?

I think it’s because it’s so easy to fall back into thinking that we are in control again. We get too comfortable depending on ourselves and what we can do. When we have savings in our bank account or when we have a job we feel like we’ve got this now. It’s almost like we’re saying “Thanks God but I think I got this now.”

Unfortunately, the only way we develop faith is when we go through something and our faith is tested. Singing worship songs doesn’t do it. It’s when we are in the middle of the fire and we are scared that we see how strong our faith is.

It’s hard not to get rocked when unexpected things hit our lives but it’s good to know that God is in control and whatever happens, He will help us to get through it whether we are full of faith or scared to death.

We may not be able to control what happens to us be we can control how we respond to what happens.  I don’t think any of us likes to feel that we aren’t in control so it’s probably a good thing to know someone who is in control and put our trust in Him.  It’s not easy and it’s not always spiritual but it can ground us and keep us calm during the troubled times in our daily lives.

Peace is the result of retraining  your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be. 

Wayne W. Dyer

Football Friday


Milano (Italy) Runs Away to their third straight Italian Bowl title

Here’s a recap of this week’s report of American football from around the world:


The A7FL, which is a 7-on-7 full-contact football league in which players do not wear hard pads or helmets, is in the playoff round of its 2019 season that featured a 16-team North East Division of teams located in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The A7FL is in its fifth season and eventually hopes to expand with various regional divisions across the United States. The 2019 regular season ran from early April to late June with each team playing seven or eight games.


The owner of the Wheeling-based West Virginia Roughriders stated there is no truth to rumors the team will fold, but it is uncertain whether the team will return to the AAL next season.


The Balitmore Brigade (6-4) became the third team in the AFL to clinch a playoff berth and will be in the postseason for the third consecutive season.  The Brigade secured their position on Saturday, July 6 after the Atlantic City Blackjacks lost to the Philadelphia Soul.  Read more….

Current Standings:

  1. Albany Empire (8-2)
  2. Philadelphia Soul (7-4)
  3. Baltimore Brigade (6-4)
  4. Washington Valor (5-5)
  5. Atlantic City Blackjacks (4-7)
  6. Columbus Destroyers (1-9)


The EIF recently announced two more new teams called the Northern Nemesis (Springfield, IL), and the Southland Power (Chicago/Palatine, IL) have been added for 2020 as part of the league’s new Mid West Division. The Southland Power was the 2019 champion of the semi-pro Indoor Football Association. The EIF previously announced teams called the Ozarks Mountain Express (Lebanon, MO), Music City Fire (Nashville, TN) and Louisville Kings would also join for the 2020 season.


The Indoor Football League’s 2019 -United Bowl will be broadcasted on FOX Sports Arizona Plus as they attempt to win their second championship in three seasons. The game will also be streamed live on the free FOX Sports GO app and also on Chris Harris and Randy Gatewood will continue to be the announcers for the bowl game as they have been for the Rattlers the entire 2019 season.

The Rattlers will face the Sioux Falls Storm (13-3) for the title. Sioux Falls has gone to the United Bowl in ten straight seasons, while the Rattlers have appeared in their championship game in seven of the last nine seasons. The 2019 United Bowl takes place Saturday, July 13, 2019 at Gila River Arena. Kick off is slated for 6:05 p.m. AZT.

The FOX Sports Arizona Plus broadcast, beginning at 5:30 p.m. AZT, will include a 30-minute pre-game show as well as a 30-minute post-game show.

The United Bowl can also be seen on YouTube. The official IFL channel can be found here:


The #1 ranked Jacksonville Sharks (10-1) are sailing into Week 14 on a 10-game win streak, their third longest win-streak in team history. They travel to Massachusetts to take on the Pirates (7-4), who are on a streak of their own with six straight wins after defeating the New York Streets 54-52 last Friday night. If the Sharks win, they will clinch the #1 seed and secure home field throughout the playoffs. The Sharks currently lead the regular season series 1-0 against the Pirates after winning in Worcester 55-36 in Week 4.  Read more….

Current Standings:

  1. Jacksonville Sharks (10-1)
  2. Carolina Cobras (8-3)
  3. Massachusetts Pirates (7-4)
  4. New York Streets (3-8)
  5. Columbus Lions (3-8)
  6. Orlando Predators (2-9)


The indoor professional NGL, which failed to start play as planned in 2019, announced player combines and tryouts will be held in Brunswick (GA) later this month as the league plans for a 2020 season. The NGL has 12 proposed teams aligned in Eastern and Western conferences, each with three-team North and South divisions.


The new outdoor professional XFL, which plans to start play with eight teams in February 2020, was reported to have registered the Wild, Force, Fury, Dragons and Surge as potential nicknames for the league’s Seattle franchise.



The Prague Black Panthers downed the SonicWall Mödling Rangers in a game that was closer than expected while the Danube Dragons got by the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants in a game that was just as close as expected as the Austrian Football League wound up its Wild Card weekend.

Both Prague and the Dragons move to the semifinals this weekend. The Black Panthers will travel to Vienna to face the Dacia Vienna Vikings while the Dragons head to Innsbruck to take on the unbeaten Swarco Raiders.

Read more…


The Sampa Bowl, the São Paulo Football League championship final, is set! The Corinthians Steamrollers and Rio Preto Weilers will battle for the right to call themselves the best of the state of São Paulo in Brazil!

The Corinthians Steamrollers and Rio Preto Weilers had the best records during the regular season of the São Paulo Football League and now will face each other on July 14th at 13:30 (Brasilia Time) at the Iberapuera Park in São Paulo. The game will be televised by one of Brazil’s top TV station, BAND, and in its international channel, BAND INTERNATIONAL which will televise the game to six countries, including the United States, Argentina, Mozambique, Angola, Uruguay and Paraguay.  Read more…


As the German Football League has hit a four week break with only three games scheduled during that time, let’s take a look at the offensive stats leaders.

After eight rounds of play in the 14 game GFL season, there are still some surprising leaders in the three key offensive categories, passing, rushing and receiving yardage.

What is also clear is that no one team is dominating the stats although two teams remain undefeated, the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns and Braunschweig New Yorker Lions.  Read more…


The Fehérvár Enthroners survived a furious second half comeback by the Kiev Capitals to edge Kiev 14-12 to win Hungarian Bowl XIV and capture their first Hungarian title

Both teams were playing in their first ever Hungarian Football League (HFL) final last Saturday. Since the top league in Hungary changed its name to the HFL in 2012, no team based in Western Hungary has ever won the championship. However, Kiev, from the Ukraine, is not the first foreign team to reach the final. The Bratislava Monarchs from Slovakia won the title in 2015.  Read more…


The Milano Seamen exploded for four unanswered touchdowns in the last 14 minutes of the Italian Bowl to pull away from a stubborn Firenze Guelfi team to win 62-28 and capture their third consecutive Italian title and fifth in six years.

Wide receiver Xavier Mitchell caught a diving 20 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Luke Zahradka with just over a minute to go in the third quarter to jump out to a 41-28 lead in what had been a see-saw battle. That seemed to take the wind out of the sails of the Guelfi, and Milano ran off two more touchdowns and then defensive back Marco Aletti scooped up a fumble with a minute let and raced 53 yards for the final score.  Read more…


The Kragujevac Wild Boars captured their fourth consecutive Serbian championship and ninth overall in beating the SBB Vukovi Belgrade 60-55 in a shootout at the “Čika Dača” field in Serbian Bowl XV.

The Wild Boars jumped out to a 40-27 halftime lead and boosted it to 46-27 before Vukovi mounted a furious fourth quarter comeback.  Read more….


The Stockholm Mean Machines proved once and for all that they are for real in defeating the Carlstad Crusaders 49-35 to win their second straight Swedish championship this past weekend

If there were any doubters left, they are now on the bandwagon. Stockholm is back on top. They downed the eight-time champion Crusaders for the fourth time in four games although Carlstad kept it close until late in the fourth.  Read more…

(Thank you to American Football International and Our Sports Central for these reports.)


Good News Wednesday (7/10/19)

Check out some good news from the past week:


An ingenious new app is recruiting thousands of Good Samaritans as volunteers for medical emergencies.

If an ambulance is dispatched in response to someone in the midst of cardiac arrest or some other life-threatening emergency, the “GoodSAM” app sends a cell phone alert to first responders and medically trained civilians who are nearby to the person in distress.

The Ambulance Victoria website says that for every minute that a cardiac arrest patient doesn’t get CPR or defibrillation, their chances of survival fall by 10% – so recruiting the help of nearby pedestrians can often make a world of difference for a patient’s recovery.



A Spring Hill, Tennessee city inspector and other bystanders saved a driver from a burning vehicle. Spring Hill Police and fire crews responded to a call of a crash on Cleburne Road with possible entrapment and fire Tuesday. But when the Fire Chief arrived on scene, he found the victim had already been pulled from the vehicle.



Each year, an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide, with billions ending up as litter. In an effort to change those statistics, a college student is turning one of the world’s biggest wastes into a way to save lives for those living on the streets.

“Me and my mom have lived through this,” says Nataani Silversmith, who is homeless. “Sometimes our signs say ‘blankets,’ not even ‘spare change.’”



Not all heroes wear capes, but this guy has already saved dozens of dogs and cats from euthanasia – and he has done it all while dressed as Batman.

27-year-old Chris Van Dorn has always been a fan of the beloved Caped Crusader; so when he began volunteering for various animal rescue organizations around Orlando, Florida, he decided to combine his two passions and use a Batman suit to bring attention to the importance of pet adoption.

“It kind of just came as a way to embody all the good I wanted to do in the world,” Van Dorn told The Dodo, “and make it easy for people to talk to me right off the bat.”


“Everyone has inside of them a piece of good news.  The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be.  How much you can love.  What you can accomplish and what your potential is.”

Anne Frank

Thank You Willis Carrier

AC01I love air conditioning. It is one of the best inventions ever. Especially at this point of the year where heat indexes can soar to triple digits.

Shout out to Willis Carrier.

Willis Carrier invented the modern day air conditioner in 1902 and for over 100 years we all have experienced the “aahhh” when we walk into an air conditioned room.

Carrier’s initial intent was to solve air quality issues. He invented something which not only controlled temperature but also controlled humidity, air circulation, ventilation and cleansed the air. More than simply cool the air, it is to condition the air.

I love having conditioned air.

Air conditioning wasn’t as available when I was growing up in Georgia.  Today I wonder how we ever survived with using fans and opening the windows.  That was our “air conditioning”.  Even my first car – Chevrolet Chevette – was without air conditioning.  It had imitation leather seats and fried me every day to/from work.  My air conditioner was all four windows rolled down.

I remember in high school that there are a few classrooms which had window units and it was an amazing relief to have class with those lucky teachers.  Not to make excuses but it’s really hard to be engaged in class when you are sweating and suffocating from the heat.

When my parents would take me with them to our church organization’s state convention in Macon, Georgia every summer, it was a treat to stay in a hotel because it was air conditioned.  Walking to the Macon City Auditorium was not fun in the heat, sweating in my church clothes but as soon as we entered the doors to the auditorium there was the wonderful “aaahhh” feeling of the air conditioning.

Yes, I’m in love with air conditioning.  It ranks right up there for this Southerner along with a cold glass of sweet tea.

Growing up I remember putting box fans in the window at night to keep my room cool as I slept.  That is – when I could finally go to sleep with worrying about someone breaking in.  We sacrificed security for comfort during those days but, then again, people were more trusting then anyway.

Willis_Carrier_1915Willis Carrier featured an igloo at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York to give visitors a look into the future of air conditioning.  I wonder what he would think about his invention today.

The basic concept behind air conditioning is said to have been applied in ancient Egypt, where reeds were hung in windows and were moistened with trickling water. The evaporation of water cooled the air blowing through the window. This process also made the air more humid, which can be beneficial in a dry desert climate. Other techniques in medieval Persia involved the use of cisterns and wind towers to cool buildings during the hot season.

So if we want to go way back, let’s also give credit to the Egyptians for the origin of today’s cooling devices.

Air conditioning units use chemicals that convert from gas to liquid and back again quickly. These chemicals transfer the heat from the air inside your property to the outside air. The AC unit has three key parts. These are the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. Your unit’s compressor and condenser are typically located in the outside part of the air conditioning system. Inside the house is where you will find the evaporator. The cooling fluid reaches the compressor as a low-pressure gas. The compressor squeezes this gas/fluid, and the molecules in the liquid are packed closer together. The closer the compressor forces these molecules together, the higher the temperature and energy rise. This working fluid exits the compressor as a high-pressure, hot gas, and it moves to the condenser. The outside unit of an air conditioning system has metal fins all around the housing. These fins work like the radiator on a vehicle, and they help dissipate heat more quickly.ac02When the fluid leaves the condenser, it is much cooler. It’s also changed from a gas to liquid because of the high pressure. The fluid makes its way into the evaporator through a minuscule, narrow hole and when the liquid reaches the other side of this passage, its pressure drops. When this happens, the fluid begins to evaporate to gas. As this occurs, the heat is extracted from the surrounding air. This heat is required to separate the molecules of the liquid into a gas. The metal fins on the evaporator also help exchange thermal energy with the surrounding air. When the refrigerant leaves the evaporator, it is once again a low-pressure, chilled gas. The process starts all over when it goes back to the compressor. There is a fan that’s connected to the evaporator, and it circulates air around the inside of the property and across the fins of the evaporator. The air conditioner sucks air into the ducts through a vent. This air is used to cool gas in the evaporator, and as the heat is removed from the air, it’s cooled. Ducts then blow air back into the house.

Yeah, I don’t understand all that either but I’m just glad it WORKS.

So when you enter an air conditioned building today to escape the scorching heat index outside, give thanks to Willis Carrier by saying “aaaahhhhh”.




I Survived Church Camp

Rare photo of me at church camp

At some point each summer I think back to past summers and there is hardly a thought about summer without thinking about camp. While most kids go to a summer camp, I attended church youth camp.

No it was fun. Really. Okay, parts of it was fun. Some parts not so much.

My first venture to church youth camp was in the summer of 1975. My dad had volunteered to work in camp a counselor and teacher during the week. My first youth camp was in a remote location called Pine Mountain near Columbus, Georgia. When we arrived, I was assigned to a cabin separate from my dad. When I walked into my cabin I was expecting other quiet and reserved kids like me but I witnessed another camper swinging from the rafters with his pants pulled down.

Yep, this was church camp.

The kid was being funny and in years that passed I learned this camper just was a crazy guy who wanted attention good or bad. It was a strange first experience for me. I had a girlfriend at that first camp – well sort of. The whole week she thought I was someone else even when I tried to set her straight. At the end of the week there was this thing called a banquet which was supposed to be this formal thing for the last night of camp. It was an unwritten rule that guys were supposed to have a date they could sit with at the banquet. This would be the first and only time I would ever have a date for this event.

Okay, I think you know I said this was a church camp. Let me further make things more interesting for you by telling you it was a Pentecostal church camp. That’s right. We were saving souls and speaking in tongues this week. Every night we had church. At this first camp church was held under a large outdoor structure with a tin roof. One funny memory I have is one night when the spirit was moving (that’s what we called it then) a group of boys were running around the building speaking in tongues. When me and another camper did the same thing, one of the boys in the other group stopped and looked at us and said “you are only doing this because we are doing it”. Then he continued with leading his group around the building and resumed speaking in tongues. After that first year of camp, I didn’t want to go back and I didn’t return the next summer. I didn’t think I would ever go back.

Then as the summer of 1978 approached, our church organization had built their own campground in a place that would be known as Camp Echeconnee near Roberta, Georgia. My dad was the pastor at a different church that had a larger youth group than past churches had. This influenced me to give youth camp another try. The first camp at the new campground was supposed to be the senior camp which was the age group ahead of me but a kitchen fire postponed their camp and my age group (juniors) were the first campers to attend. That first camp at the new campground changed it all for me as well as a counselor named Bubba Cardin. Bubba was a young state evangelist but was like no other I had known before. Bubba played the banjo and his rendition of Don Francisco’s “He’s Alive” was one I have never forgotten.

Camp turned out to be a positive experience for me that week even when several campers got chiggers from an impromptu hike in the woods.

I was never the popular one and was largely overshadowed by the cool kids at camp but I still made some good friends. I met a guy named Jay Thornton. Jay and I were both preachers kids and our lives had travelled similar paths. We also both liked basketball. With the NBA playoffs usually finishing up before camp, we would talk about the games and played many games of basketball ourselves at camp during free time. I think I even remember us imitating sports commentators while watching the staff-camper basketball game.

Basketball. Now back in the day, this was my game and I wanted to be good at it. I would practice weeks before camp hoping my skills would be impressive enough to get a spot on the staff-camper basketball game. The desire to play didn’t match my ability so it was an annual effort of frustration.

Remember me telling you that my first camp was my first and only time I would have a date for the banquet? It wasn’t for a lack of trying. Just as my basketball skills failed me, my attempts at dating were anything but smooth. Once I saw a girl I really liked and I wanted to meet her. I boldly went up to her and introduced myself. Pretty harmless right? To my horror, she laughed and turned away from me and walked away. Her and her friends pointed at me and laughed every time we would pass the rest of the week.

Fortunately for me and my fragile self-esteem, I had some great friends during this time. I had already told you about Jay. Jay has remained my friend over the years thanks to Facebook. Jay is now a pastor himself and probably the kindest person you could ever meet.

Gary Lewis was another person I would meet at camp and become friends with. Gary was also a preacher’s kid. We were often grouped into the same cabins at camp or next door. In those days at camp, each building housed four groups of about 10 kids plus their counselor. I was always one that got my shower done early and dressed for church each night. This caused me to be ready earlier than others. Gary found this comical once and made the comment “Look at Milton. He’s all dressed up with no place to go.” This has been our ongoing joke ever since then. (Yes Gary, I still get ready early with no place to go!). Gary went on to bigger and better things. The last I heard was that he was a Chaplain with Hospice. I can’t imagine those folks being in better care for their spiritual needs during those times.

There was no doubt that camp was about our spiritual needs and our relationship with God. Nobody ever forced God in us but there was some peer pressure to do so. The camp was structured.

Each day at camp would pretty much be the same schedule:

  • Morning Devotion
  • Breakfast
  • Class
  • Singing
  • Lunch
  • Class
  • Girls swimming/boys recreation time
  • Boys swimming/girls recreation time
  • Free time
  • Cabin devotion
  • Dinner
  • Church service

You might have noticed the swimming part of the schedule. Boys and girls were never allowed to swim together at the same time. This would be what they church called “mixed bathing” which was not allowed. So we had separate swim times.

In those old youth camp days, the common enemy we all had was the intense heat of the Georgia summers. The swim times was one of the things we could do to get relief. The only air conditioning was in the cafeteria. Anything happening at the cafeteria was a popular event. We also had something called the Snack Shack which was a place we could get refreshments. At the beginning of the week we would purchase a snack shack card. I would always stress out about it and try to budget myself to make my card last as long as I could.

I hate to admit it but the least favorite part of camp were the classes. Those were hours of my life that I thought would never end. To be fair, most teachers did a great job but when your life already revolves around church, you weren’t thrilled about more church. I will say that the elective classes were a bit more interesting such as the CPR class which was the first time I learned how to perform CPR.

When I got older and no longer a camper, I volunteered to work in camp. My pastor convinced me to join him to work in the kitchen during camp. That’s probably the hardest I ever worked in camp. Other times I volunteered to be a counselor. Counselor sounds like a nice job but it was more like a weeklong chappone/babysitter. It is a week where you shouldn’t expect to get much sleep. Boys can stay up for a long time and explore many ways to get a laugh including various forms of bodily sounds. A counselor has to keep one eye open or else you will find yourself being pranked. I was lucky that my bunk never ended up in the shower or short sheeted. (Yes, this was church camp) In spite of all the shenanigans, I always did my best to make my boys feel special. During one camp our theme was the Olympics and I had a vendor create replica gold medals that I gave to my boys at the end of the week. They thought that was so cool. Being a counselor was a lot of work but I always felt like it was a rewarding experience after it was over. I can only hope that somehow I was able to be a positive impact on the boys in my cabin.

Yes, it was a church camp and a Pentecostal so there were some strange quirks for a summer camp. I wouldn’t say there are a lot of fond memories but I survived.

Football Friday

Let’s take a look at American Football news from around the world this week:


West Virginia Roughriders win AAL Title


Staring a 15-0 deficit in the face, the West Virginia Roughriders (13-0) didn’t blink as Jarrett Brown overcame a terrible start to account for more than 200 yards of total offense and seven touchdowns in a 55-29 triumph over the Carolina Energy Saturday inside a raucous WesBanco Arena crowd estimated at nearly 4,500.

Brown got the Roughriders going with a 14-yard touchdown scamper with 90 seconds remaining in the opening quarter. Placekicker Anthony Prevost, the smallest player on the roster, took a pitch from holder Steve Penasuk and bulled his way into the end zone for a 15-8 reading.

A 7-yard scoring strike from Brown to Chad Walcott in the back of the end zone put the hosts back ahead 27-22 with 47 ticks left before the half. A safety on Carolina for holding in the end zone 21 seconds later bumped the count to 29-22. The first series of the third quarter summed up the second half as defensive end Shawn Oakman sacked Colon and forced a fumble he recovered at the Energy 1. Three plays later, Brown speared Beavers Jr. in traffic for a 35-22 lead.

This marks the second championship for the franchise as it won the 2017 Arena Pro Football title as the Richmond Roughriders. It’s also the third championship for the City of Wheeling as the Ohio Valley Greyhounds won the National Indoor Football League crowns in 2003 and 2004, going 14-0 the second season.


Darius Prince scored three touchdowns as the Soul beat the Albany Empire, 54-43, on Saturday at the Wells Fargo Center to improve to 6-4. With the win, the Soul clinched their eighth straight playoff berth.  Facing a tough Albany defense, the Soul scored eight touchdowns in as many red zone trips as quarterback Dan Raudabaugh passed for 231 yards and seven touchdowns.

Current standings:

  • Albany Empire (8-2)
  • Philadelphia Soul (6-4)
  • Baltimore Brigade (6-4)
  • Washington Valor (5-5)
  • Atlantic City Blackjacks (4-6)
  • Columbus Destroyers (1-9)


The Duke City Gladiators are now headed to the CIF Champions Bowl for a second consecutive year, as they beat the Amarillo Venom on Saturday 70-62 for the Southern Conference Championship. The Gladiators trailed at the half and couldn’t find a rhythm on offense and defense but they were able to turn things around in the second half though, as they scored 44 points and held off the Venom for the win. The Gladiators will now host the Salina Liberty in the CIF Championship game on July 13th in Tingley Coliseum.

The Salina Liberty are now one win away from accomplishing that goal, but not until after a few heart-stopping moments during a 44-42 victory over the Omaha Beef on Saturday night in the CIF playoff semifinals at the Tony’s Pizza Events Center. What looked to be an easy victory turned into a nail-biter as Omaha scored two touchdowns in the final three minutes and attempted a two-point conversion play with no time left that could have sent the game into overtime. Linebacker Dontra Matthews was at the right place at the right time, knocking down Omaha quarterback Derrick Bernard’s pass to give the Liberty the win and send them into the league championship game.


Erie moves up from # 2 to the # 1 spot in the Nation after the # 1 team in the nation the Oklahoma Thunder tumbles to # 3 after losing to the #4 Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs who move up to # 2. The #3 Huntsville Rockets drop a road game fall to # 4 after losing to the Thunder a week ago!!! Tri_City Outlaws remain idle at # 5.

  1. Erie Express
  2. Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs
  3. Oklahoma Thunder
  4. Huntsville Rockets
  5. Tri-City Outlaws
  6. River City Pythons
  7. Cleveland Cobras
  8. Joplin Crusaders
  9. Georgia Crush
  10. Howard Huskies




The Sioux Falls Storm played the Indoor Football League’s reigning champions Iowa Barnstormers on Saturday, June 29 in the United Conference Championship. The Storm won their 15th Conference Championship after defeating the Iowa Barnstormers 52-50. Quarterback Lorenzo Brown completed 15 passes for 208 yards and five touchdowns. He also had three rushing touchdowns. Wide receivers Damian Ford tallied 144 yards for two touchdowns, Kent Shelby had 22 yards and one touchdown, Damond Powell had 22 yards and one touchdown and Brandon Sheperd had 11 yards for one touchdown. Kicker Parker Douglass made four extra points. Defensive back Trey Wafford led the Thunder Defense with 10 tackles and one pass break-up. Defensive lineman Charles Williams had one pass break-up. Defensive back Joseph Blount had one fumble recovery.


The six-time World Champion Arizona Rattlers (15-0) moved one step closer to their seventh title on Saturday as they defeated the Nebraska Danger (8-8) 62-45 in the Intense Conference Championship in front of 13,579 fans at Gila River Arena.


Thomas Owens caught three touchdowns and returned an onside kick for a score to lead visiting Massachusetts (6-4) to a 61-37 win over Columbus as the Pirates increased their winning streak to five games. Quarterback Sean Brackett completed 20 of 30 passes for 205 yards and five touchdowns, while Owens was his top target with eight catches for 110 yards. Defensive back Lawrence Austin led the Massachusetts defense with 4½ tackles and two interceptions. Austin’s first interception set up the Pirates at the Lions’ 6-yard line, and four plays later Mardy Gilyard rushed into the end zone from 3-yards out for his 24th touchdown of the season to put Massachusetts up, 7-0. After Columbus (3-7) took a 10-7 lead to start the second quarter, Brackett found Owens for a 4-yard touchdown pass to put the Pirates back on top, 14-10. The Lions rallied for another score to retake the lead, but the Massachusetts offense got in gear, as Devonn Brown reeled in a 22-yard touchdown pass to put the Pirates up, 21-17. Austin’s second interception on the next Columbus play from scrimmage set up a Mike Waver 44-yard field goal to send the Pirates into halftime up, 27-17. Massachusetts kept up the scoring in the second half, as Owens added a 27-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter and a 13-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. Tight end Mitchell Bell grabbed a 7-yard touchdown pass and Quayvon Hicks added a 5-yard touchdown run before Owens capped the scoring with his onside kick return from 7-yards out.

Current Standings:

  • Jacksonville Sharks (9-1)
  • Carolina Cobras (7-3)
  • Massachusetts Pirates (6-4)
  • New York Streets (3-7)
  • Columbus Lions (3-7)
  • Orlando Predators (2-8)


The Austrian Football League playoffs kick off this weekend with the Wild Card Round. The Swarco Raiders finished the regular season in first place with an undefeated 10-0 record and earned a bye into the semifinals. Their arch rivals, the Dacia Vienna Vikings wound up second at 7-3 and also earned the right to play in the semifinals. The Vikings three losses came at the hands of Swarco to whom they lost twice, and the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants. The four teams battling it out in the wild card playoffs this weekend are the third place Prague Black Panthers, the Danube Dragons who finished fourth, the Giants and the SonicWall Mödling Rangers.

The Fehérvár Enthroners will face the Kiev Capitals in Hungarian Bowl XIV on Saturday, July 6 at Hidegkuti Nandor Stadion in Budapest. The game is historic. This is the first time ever that a team from Budapest did not make it to the HFL championship game. On top of that, both teams are preparing to play in their first ever title game.

The Wroclaw Panthers overcame mistakes and a stubborn battle from the defending champion Bialystok Lowlanders to down the Lowlanders 28-14 and capture Polish Bowl XIV at Olympic Stadium in Wroclaw this past weekend. Panthers quarterback Tony Dawson was a key to the win after throwing three touchdown passes and running another one in himself. Wide receiver and Game MVP Przemysław Banat along with Benji Barnes and Kacper Fiedziuk also scored for Wroclaw. For Bialystok, quarterback Rex Dausin scored on a one yard plunge and rookie kick returner Rafał Królewski scored on a kickoff return.

The Swiss Federation of American Football – SAFV – National League semifinals kick off this weekend. The defending champion and 9-1 Calanda Broncos who finished first during the regular season will take on the fourth place 4-6 Basel Gladiators in one semifinal. The other features the second place Geneva Seahawks who finished with an 8-2 record against the 6-4 Bern Grizzlies who ended the season in third place in the SAFV National League standings.