First Time Champs

firstThis week the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Raptors won their first championship titles in their franchise histories.  The Blues defeated the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League (NHL) to win their first Stanley Cup.   It took the Blues 52 years to bring home the Cup to St. Louis.  The Toronto Raptors claimed their first National Basketball Association (NBA) title by defeating the Golden State Warriors.  Raptor fans didn’t have to wait as long as the Blues.  It only took them 24 years to bring it to Canada.

So what other franchises are still looking for their first title in each sport? (Number of seasons without a title).  Franchises with longest droughts in each sport are in BOLD.

Major League Baseball

  • Colorado Rockies (26)
  • Milwaukee Brewers (50)
  • San Diego Padres (50)
  • Seattle Mariners (42)
  • Tampa Bay Rays (21)
  • Texas Rangers (58)
  • Washington Nationals (50)

National Basketball Association

  • Brooklyn Nets (43)
  • Charlotte Hornets (29)
  • Denver Nuggets (43)
  • Indiana Pacers (43)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (49)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (24)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (30)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (17)
  • Orlando Magic (30)
  • Phoenix Suns (51)
  • Utah Jazz (45)

National Football League

  • Atlanta Falcons (53)
  • Carolina Panthers (24)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (51)
  • Houston Texans (17)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (24)

National Hockey League

  • Arizona Coyotes (39)
  • Buffalo Sabres (48)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets (18)
  • Florida Panthers (25)
  • Minnesota Wild (18)
  • Nashville Predators (20)
  • Ottawa Senators (26)
  • San Jose Sharks (27)
  • Vancouver Canucks (48)
  • Vegas Golden Knights (2)
  • Winnipeg Jets (19)

If you are a fan of the Texas Rangers, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Falcons (ouch), Buffalo Sabres or Vancouver Canucks, I salute you.  It is difficult to always “wait for next season” but with Toronto and St. Louis winning this week, at least it gives you some hope that it is possible.

At this time in each league, the following teams look to be closer to winning their first titles based on their latest finishes:  Milwaukee Brewers (MLB), Denver Nuggets (NBA), Houston Texans (NFL) and San Jose Sharks (NHL).

There’s always next season.



Hugh Jackman To Join XSQL?


Hugh Jackman showing off his scooter skills

The new X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) has gotten the attention of sports fans and riders of electric scooters and now some celebrities are taking notice of the new league.  Celebrity Hugh Jackman is often seen riding a scooter in New York City and was asked if the XSQL would become the next “Greatest Show on Earth”.

“I don’t know if I would go that far,” Jackman said.  “I think it will be different and appeal to the younger crowd.  I really hope the league makes it.  I can’t wait to see the first game.”

Jackman laughed when asked if he was interested in playing on the New York team.

“I’m pretty good on the scooter but not like that.  I’d like to make a few more movies,” he added.

In addition to Jackman, Ashton Kutcher has also taken notice of the new league.  There has been talk of Kutcher becoming part-owner of the Los Angeles team.

“We’re all for the support,” said Mark Rockwell, commissioner of the XSQL.  “Their support gives us some credibility and with any new league that’s something any sport needs.”

Rockwell was not aware of any celebrities who are seriously interested in playing on a team.

Nashville Boot Scooters are another team benefiting from celebrities recognizing the new league.

“We’ve had a lot of country stars who have called me about the league and wanting to support us,” said Ryan Cooper, team manager.  “We have a few that actually want to become part-owners of the team.  I am not allowed to name them but I think the Boot Scooters will have a solid backing.”

The Boot Scooters hope to name their head coach this week as XSQL teams need to fill the coaching positions by July 1st.

“It’s hard because you really don’t have a lot to choose from,” said Cooper.  “You don’t have college teams or minor leagues.”

Cooper did say that a lot of XSQL teams a looking at Major League Quidditch (MLQ) which is an amateur league played during the summer to find their coaches and fill some of their roster positions.

The XSQL has set a deadline of August 1 to fill their rosters with players.  The league will release the first regular season schedule soon as team’s get ready to put their scooters in play.