Monday with Milton

I’m all over the place today.  I’m calling it “miscellaneous Monday” because I’m a bit scattered today with a variety of issues on my mind.

Let’s start with the fun stuff…

Albany wins ArenaBowl 32 title

Remember the Arena Football League?  No?  Well, they played ArenaBowl 32 last night in Albany, New York.  The Albany Empire defeated the Philadelphia Soul 45-27 for the title.  I’ll have more details on my “Football Friday” post this week about it.  Let me just say that I have always been a fan of the league but their management has really screwed things up over the years.  Last season they were down to only four teams in the league and was close to closing up.  Reports indicate that they will revive the Cleveland Gladiators and maybe another team to their lineup.  Rumors continue circulating that Nashville might be one of those teams.

Macon Bacon eaten by Marlins

I read this weekend where the Macon Bacon, a collegiate summer league team in the Coastal Plains League, were playing in the championship against the Morehead City Marlins.  I have to laugh when I see that the Bacon had to knock off the Savannah Bananas in the playoffs.  Unfortunately, the Bacon lost the finals in game three last night 6-2.   There was an Instagram post last week showing Kevin Bacon wearing a Macon Bacon hat.  Who else would you expect Kevin Bacon to support?

New York Empire wins pro frisbee league title

The New York Empire defeated the Dallas Roughnecks 26-22 yesterday to win the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) championship.  The Empire completed an undefeated season to win their first title.  I’ll have to admit that I haven’t followed the AUDL as closely this season since we lost our Nashville franchise but I’m glad to see that the league continues to play.  I have heard rumors that other franchises might fold in the off season so it will be interesting to see what the league will look like next season.

Now some grumblings…..

Lowe’s delivers….whenever

We had some issues with Lowe’s this weekend with an order we had placed.  We were told the delivery would be Sunday but when had not heard anything from them, we called to be advised they were out-of-stock on an item and that the delivery would be on Tuesday.  This is unacceptable.  People make plans to be available for deliveries and take off from work – sometimes without pay – to be ready and when they don’t come or even communicate changes something needs to be done.  It is clear that Lowe’s does not communicate with everyone in the chain and apparently they fail in communicating to the local stores.  The acting store manager apologized but it seems that the online/phone ordering place “forces” the information to the local store and puts the local store in a bad situation if the item is not in stock.  Lowe’s needs to get it together if they want people to shop online.  My advice for you is to go to the local store and place the order.

School bus stop issue

Now that school has started, we have had an issue with students using our driveway as the bus stop.  Weird since we have no children at home ourselves right?  One of our neighbors informed us when we moved in that the bus stop had been moved to our driveway.  Now that we want this changed, it is taking an act of Congress to get it done.  I have contacted our homeowner’s association and the transportation department of the school yet it seems they can’t communicate to the bus driver to change the location to the stop sign on the corner which is just 25 feet from our drive way.  I am told they have “no control” over the situation.  Seriously? Can’t they tell the driver to stop the dang bus at the stop sign instead of our driveway?  The problem is that the kids tend to wander around and even up to our front door.  This could be a problem if they were injured on our property.  I guess I’m going to have to be one of “those” neighbors.

Beware of anonymous surveys

I found out this morning that our management is asking for our office to complete a survey and my area of work is one of those areas to be surveyed.  The surveys are anonymous.  That’s never a good thing in my experience.  You can only look at social media to see how mean people can be and now we have this anonymous survey.  Well, I am having to brace myself this one.

Automatic Weapons Debate

Why is this even a debate?  Why does the average citizen need an automatic weapon?  Yeah, I know the whole “Second Amendment Rights” but where’s the common sense in all of this?  If I go into a Chipotle, Walmart or Starbucks and someone is proudly carrying an automatic weapon simply because they can, I’m leaving.  Why be a dumb ass and scare the crap out of people?  I guess we need IQ scores to go along with background checks and mental health exams.  Good grief people!

What can I say?  It’s Monday.  Here’s what says about how to beat the “Monday blues” (yes, I’m totally going to make fun of these)…

  1. Identify the problem [the problem is MONDAY.  I think we’ve clearly identified it]
  2. Prepare for Monday on Friday [What???]
  3. Make a list of things you are excited about. [I’m excited about Friday]
  4. Unplug for the weekend [Oh yes, I definitely agree with this.  Some people need a life.]
  5. Get enough sleep and wake up early [Are you kidding me?  I already get up at 4:55 a.m.  So should I not even go to sleep??]
  6. Dress for success [It’s too much work to dress up and look pretty]
  7. Be positive [I’m positive that I do NOT like Mondays]
  8. Make someone else happy [Okay, now I’m getting nauseous]
  9. Keep your Monday schedule light [Suggestion…why do we just eliminate Monday?]
  10. Have fun at work [If it were fun it wouldn’t be called work.  Where does this person work?]
  11. Have a post-work plan [Is it Friday yet?]


Have a good week and be careful out there.  Keep your automatic weapons at home please.



A Career of Mondays

For my entire working career, I have had Monday-Friday jobs.  I don’t complain about that too much because I have had a steady job and enjoy the weekends but too many times I am starting a Monday already working for the weekend.  I start another week in my job.  I pretty much know what to expect when I come in here on Mondays but there are always things that happen which I didn’t expect.  Sometimes the best laid plans are blown up by one person calling or showing up at my door.  Yes, I dread Mondays.  I often feel that Monday dread start late Sunday evening when the weekend has melted away and I arrive to the eve of the start of another work week.  

And here I am.  Of course, I will be working by the time they blog gets posted.  

I have worked mostly a set schedule my entire working career.  It started with the Air Force and up to my job now.  I don’t hate it but I would like a different setting to my work routine.  Since I am close to be eligible to retire, I foresee an opportunity for that to happen but will I be ready for it?  How will I adjust to a possible work schedule where I am working on the weekends and off during the week?   I don’t know but I’m sure it will be an adjustment for me.  

Mondays aren’t so bad and my job isn’t too much to dread.  I like my job but I’m not in love with it.  There was a time that i was obsessed with it.  Mostly because I had a terrible home life and my self-esteem was wrapped up in my work.  I volunteered for lots of things and jumped on anything that would take me away from home.  I tried to be a star in my career field and wanted to make a name for myself.  I have learned now, as I look back on it, that it was a shallow and fleeting existence.  No matter how much you want to be a star, there will always be brighter stars.  I also learned that volunteering or the inability to say “no” only creates more problems for you.  It is definitely not the success you would think.  

I know people now who will tell me how much they worked over the weekend or after normal work hours.  I don’t respond to that.  It doesn’t impress me.  I have worked many places where I have worked weekends and overtime – and many times without any compensation for it.  Once I was told I was doing it “for the mission” which is still a constant joke.  Yeah, those uncompensated overtime hours didn’t earn me any metals.  It just enabled to others to take advantage of me.   Now when people brag about working the weekend I respond to them in my mind that they really need a life.   These people seem to need some affirmation they aren’t getting from any other areas of their lives.

Mondays.  I’ve had plenty of them.  A new start to the week.  Working toward the weekend.  Mondays bring a new week with new possibilities.  I wonder what possibilities might happen for me this week.  

In the jobs that I have had over the years, I would say that the Mondays I had during the few months I worked with a private investigative firm in Atlanta was probably some of the ones I dreaded the most.  I hated that job.  It was very stressful and sucked the life out of me.  I also had to drive 100 miles one-way each day to and from the job.  It was my first job after leaving the Air Force and there was always the fear of being fired.  It was a real fear too because the managers fired employees often for various reasons.  I did my best and hung in there until I found something else.  Those Mondays were hard and difficult to work through.  I also had those Mondays in Tampa when I had to board the bus for the nearly one-hour trip to downtown.  I hated riding that bus.  

No, I’m not a fan of Mondays but it is necessary.  Perhaps the day will come when I will appreciate Mondays more like I do when they are a holiday but for now they will continue to be a necessary evil in the life of the weekday worker.