Boot Scooters Secure Home, Filing Roster

The Nashville Boot Scooters were rudely uprooted from their intention of playing their home games at Greer Stadium after city council reversed their approval and left the local X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) team homeless.  Fortunately, the Boot Scooters were able to move to the Nashville Fairgrounds but they are less than thrilled about the move.

“It’s okay,” said Team Manager Ryan Cooper.  “It’s not our ideal choice but we ran out of time to find a better option.  We had hoped to find a suitable place in the downtown area but we had to scramble after losing Greer.  Hopefully people will come out and support us.”

Nashville’s team will build a temporary stadium at the fairgrounds hoping for a more permanent home next season.

The Boot Scooters are also busy filling their roster with both experience quidditch players as well as strong scooter riders.  Players with a hybrid of the two will most likely find themselves on the starting team.

“It’s a unique sport that’s for sure,” said head coach Kevin Henning.  “I’m really pleased with the turn out and the talent that we have to choose from.”


Jakye Archibald (left) and Justin Cole (right) signs with Nashville

The Boot Scooters signed Jakye Archibald and Justin Cole from the Boston Night Riders of Major League Quidditch (MLQ).  Archibald, a keeper, and Cole, a chaser, played on the championship winning team this past summer.

“They are good, solid players,” comments Henning.  “We are happy to get them here in Nashville.  Their quidditch experience will be an asset to us.  We are expecting them to easily switch from the broomsticks to scooters.”

Cole loves the concept.

“This is really cool to do this on scooters instead of riding a stick around the field.  I think this league has a chance and I wanted to be a part of it,” he said.

Archibald is also happy about being in Nashville.

“This is a happening place and the people have welcomed us here.  I’m looking forward to the first game to see what we’ve got.”

The Boot Scooters open the season on September 26th against the San Francisco Muggles.




City Rescinds Approval For Boot Scooters To Use Greer Stadium


Boot Scooters Forced To Find A New Home

First they approved it – with conditions – and now the city has rescinded their approval to the Nashville Boot Scooters to use Herschel Greer Stadium for their home games in September.

“We just didn’t feel like conditions would be made safe in one month for the team to play there,” said Jerry Jackson, City Councilman.  “We feel bad that we told they could and now we have changed our minds but it was never about the team or the organization.  Safety of the players and fans was our main concern.”

Team Manager Ryan Cooper is now scrambling to find another site for home games.

“This really puts us in a bind and now we are trying to find some place to play.  We didn’t want to go any further from the downtown area but now we are getting desperate.  This is disappointing.”

Cooper said that the team is now looking at locations such as the Nashville Fairgrounds, Vanderbilt University and Lipscomb University as potential locations for the team’s first season in the X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL).

The Boot Scooters’ first game is scheduled for Saturday, September 26th against the San Francisco Muggles.

There have been rumors that the Boot Scooters could sit out the first season and wait until 2020 to field a team.

“False,” said Cooper.  “We ARE going to play somewhere.  Coach Henning and his staff are close to finalizing the roster and they are practicing and preparing for the season.  We may not like the location but it will be temporary this season until we can find a more permanent home.”

Cooper also said that fans can order their tickets now by calling 1-800-SCOOTIN.




Boot Scooters Release Schedule

The Nashville Boot Scooters have a playing location and now the X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) has distributed their first regular season schedule.  The Boot Scooters will open against the San Francisco Muggles on Saturday, September 26th at Greer Stadium.  Nashville will have seven home games and seven away games.  There will also be several promotions throughout the season with Bird Scooter offering a chance to win a scooter on opening night.  Vanderbilt hospitals will give away free helmets to the first 200 fans on October 10th.  There will be a Harry Potter costume night on October 27th.

The Boot Scooters will close the season at home on Sunday, November 10th against the Atlanta Avengers.

Boot Scooters’ coach Kevin Henning likes the scheduling.

“It looks pretty favorable to have a home game to start things off and get fans excited about the team and league.  I think we’ll find out quickly who the top teams will be.  Now we need to get players that will fill our roster.”

The times of the games will be determined later.

“We’re just excited to get sponsors onboard and once the stadium is constructed, we will be able to fine tune things,” said team manager Ryan Cooper.

The top four teams will advance to the semifinals during the weekend of Nov 16-17.  The championship game will be played on Sunday, November 24th.  The league is working with a major network to televise the title game.

2019 Nashville Boot Scooters Schedule



Henning Named Boot Scooters Coach

The Nashville Boot Scooters introduced Kevin Henning as their coach for the X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) franchise.

Henning formerly coached the Boston Night Riders of Major League Qudditch (MLQ). He had led Boston to league titles in 2015 and 2016.  He has a record of 29-12 over four seasons.

“I am excited to be here and to be a part of this unique league. It will be fun putting this team together and giving the fans a team they can be proud of.”

Nashville team manager Ryan Cooper was happy to snag Henning as the franchises’ first coach.

“He is a well known coach in the quidditch community. He knows how to put together a competitive team. Nashvillans don’t know it now but they will see the results on the field later.”

So what’s the next step for the Boot Scooters?

“We need to fill the roster and start practicing,” said Henning. “It is very important to get players playing together and in sync. You can’t just throw people out there and expect them to play well. This isn’t a playground league.  It requires timing, stamina and you have to be able to take the contact.”

Henning is known for his blunt comments but is also a fun coach. After winning back-to-back titles with Boston, he took his players to Fenway Park to give Red Sox players a chance to try quidditch.

Henning was also asked about Nashville Mayor’s threat to ban electric scooters.

“I think the city has more pressing problems to worry about than scooters. I mean that’s my personal opinion. To be fair, I am just visiting Nashville for the first time so I really don’t know the frustration people are having with it. I just think the mayor needs to concentrate on other things.”

Henning plans to take advantage of the open tryouts as well as experienced players from MLQ to fill the Boot Scooters roster.

Cooper also announced that the XSQL has reached a deal with the SciFi Network to televise weekly league games this season.  The network will feature a game-of-the-week of one live game on a weekend night during the season.  More details will be released when the league reveals the regular season schedule.  The regular season will be played in October.  Each team will play 14 regular season games followed by the playoffs.

The Boot Scooters are also narrowing down locations for their “home” field with Centennial Park, Bicentennial Park and a location in the Gulch in consideration.


Hugh Jackman To Join XSQL?


Hugh Jackman showing off his scooter skills

The new X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) has gotten the attention of sports fans and riders of electric scooters and now some celebrities are taking notice of the new league.  Celebrity Hugh Jackman is often seen riding a scooter in New York City and was asked if the XSQL would become the next “Greatest Show on Earth”.

“I don’t know if I would go that far,” Jackman said.  “I think it will be different and appeal to the younger crowd.  I really hope the league makes it.  I can’t wait to see the first game.”

Jackman laughed when asked if he was interested in playing on the New York team.

“I’m pretty good on the scooter but not like that.  I’d like to make a few more movies,” he added.

In addition to Jackman, Ashton Kutcher has also taken notice of the new league.  There has been talk of Kutcher becoming part-owner of the Los Angeles team.

“We’re all for the support,” said Mark Rockwell, commissioner of the XSQL.  “Their support gives us some credibility and with any new league that’s something any sport needs.”

Rockwell was not aware of any celebrities who are seriously interested in playing on a team.

Nashville Boot Scooters are another team benefiting from celebrities recognizing the new league.

“We’ve had a lot of country stars who have called me about the league and wanting to support us,” said Ryan Cooper, team manager.  “We have a few that actually want to become part-owners of the team.  I am not allowed to name them but I think the Boot Scooters will have a solid backing.”

The Boot Scooters hope to name their head coach this week as XSQL teams need to fill the coaching positions by July 1st.

“It’s hard because you really don’t have a lot to choose from,” said Cooper.  “You don’t have college teams or minor leagues.”

Cooper did say that a lot of XSQL teams a looking at Major League Quidditch (MLQ) which is an amateur league played during the summer to find their coaches and fill some of their roster positions.

The XSQL has set a deadline of August 1 to fill their rosters with players.  The league will release the first regular season schedule soon as team’s get ready to put their scooters in play.



XSQL Responds To Nashville Mayor Threat to Ban Scooters

Last week, Nashville Mayor David Bailey issued an ultimatum to scooter companies operating downtown to get control of scooter issues in 30 days or he would push for them to be banned.

The Xtreme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) is hoping to broker the problems between the mayor’s office and scooter companies to resolve the issues.

“We want to bring a solid resolution to the concerns brought up by the mayor and help the scooter companies in meeting the 30-day deadline,” said XSQL Commissioner Mark Rockwell.

Responding to downtown complaints, Briley has raised concerns over the clutter of scooters on the city streets as well as the safety issues of riders not wearing helmets or riding scooters in the appropriate areas.

Nashville Boot Scooters Team Manager, Ryan Cooper agrees with the mayor.

“He’s absolutely correct. Things have gotten out of hand with the management of the scooters. There have been too many too fast and it has overwhelmed the city. Now is the time to get a handle on it.”

The Boot Scooters are already proactive with the helmet issue by distributing free helmets to riders. Cooper, who formerly worked with the Nashville Predators, also got 100 Predators’ hockey helmets donated to distribute to riders.

“Most scooter riders have this idea that wearing helmets aren’t cool,” Cooper said. “By having the Predators donate some helmets we are hoping they will think it is the cool thing to wear a Predators’ helmet,”

The Boot Scooters are also providing their own helmets hoping to promote the new team and league. Other businesses such as Tootsies and Acme Feed ‘n Seed have also sponsored helmets.

Rider safety is another hot topic on the Mayors concern.

The Boot Scooters are going to hold rider parties over the next few weeks with the goal of enforcing the rules of the road for scooter riders. The local XSQL franchise is working with the league to sponsor the “educational parties” with free giveaways and merchandise to encourage attendance and get the attention of scooter riders. Several local sports personalities have agreed to participate in the parties.

“We’re hoping that the party atmosphere along with some local celebrities will help bring in scooter riders and spread the word about safety and the proper use of electric scooters.”

The Boot Scooters have already teamed up with Bird and Lime to provide sponsorship to the events.

“I think it’s great that this new league is working with us and the mayor’s office to help us to meet the demands by the city,” said local Bird representative Eric Wallace. “We really don’t need any bad press over this so the XSQL’s involvement is key.”

The first “educational electric scooter” party will be held at the plaza in front of Bridgestone Arena on Friday at 6 p.m.

The Nashville Boot Scooters are one of eight teams scheduled to play in the XSQL’s first season in October. The sport is a hybrid merging of electric scooters and quidditch. Instead of broomsticks, players will “fly” around on scooters.


Pro Scooter League Teams Finalized

The new kids on the block will be rolling into eight cities in October.

Last week, the teams adopted their nicknames and assigned team managers for the X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) inaugural season this fall.

The teams will be:

  • Atlanta Avengers
  • Austin Scorpions
  • Los Angeles Sunbirds
  • Nashville Boot Scooters
  • New York Juggernauts
  • Orlando Wizards
  • St. Louis Sorcerers
  • San Francisco Muggles

Teams will now focus on filling their rosters with local talented electric scooter talent.  Open tryouts have begun in most cities and should continue through the end of June.

The Nashville Boot Scooters held their first open tryout last Wednesday in the Gulch.  Team Manager Ryan Cooper was overwhelmed with the response as over 200 riders reported to the open tryout.


Scooter rider takes a spill during Nashville’s Open Tryouts

“I was stunned by it.  We expected maybe 50-11 but we had 223 register for the tryout.  We will definitely have a large group of players to pick from and some difficult decisions,” he said.

Teams will eventually fill their rosters with 21 players.

A parking lot was blocked off in the Gulch for the tryouts as players showed their skills with their scooters as well as some drills involving Quidditch rules.  Players were excited about this new sport.

“It’s not on broomsticks like Harry Potter but it’s pretty damn close,” said Cyrus Antonio.  “This is going to be awesome and I’m glad Nashville has a team.  I hope I will make the roster.”

Players not only have to maneuver their scooters but they also have to have possession of a ball at some point in the game so being an expert rider is crucial.

“Yeah, you have to be good at it because you can’t always keep both hands on the scooter.  Some players are out here wiping out or not too steady with it,” said Antonio of other players.

While the XSQL adopts the rules of Quidditch, some modifications have been made to incorporate scooters.  This is a process that is continuing to be modified.

The Nashville team is still attempting to narrow down where their home games will be played in October when they will play seven games at home.  While the Gulch remains to be the most likely choice, finding the location to install the specially designed SportCourt will require space even with it being a temporary venue.

“We would like the Gulch, we won’t deny that.   It is the hip area of town and location where we will have a lot of scooter riders,” said Cooper.  “We hope to secure a place soon so we can set up and scrimmage to get ready for the season in October.”