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Although writing is mostly a “hobby” for me, I am directly affected by the Government shutdown so without a paycheck from my day job, I am promoting my books today with a sale.  Today all of my books are on sale as well as my last book “Passing Toward The Prize” is currently discounted.  If you would like to support me and get something in return for it, please click on one of the book links to purchase one of my books.

“Passing Toward The Prize” is a good book for church groups to read.  It has a very realistic story and deals with today’s issues faced by teens.  I would encourage pastors to purchase several for their congregation.

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Coach Turner leaned forward and looked directly at Colton.

“Look here Preston. You have to decide if you are going to be a leader or a quitter. A leader FINDS a way to lead. A quitter doesn’t bother to try. It’s easy to quit. Don’t pick the easy way.”

This is not the way Colton thought his high school football days would turn out for him. He is in the Class of ’82 at Tompkins County High School in the small town of Tompkinsville, Georgia. His father moves them to a new church in Savannah, Georgia. He misses his friends and his girlfriend, Belle, who are now hundreds of miles away. Colton also finds himself on a football team that clearly does not want him there.

Starting over and dealing with these changes are difficult for any age but for a 15-year-old preacher’s kid, it adds to the challenges he faces. He is not immune to the consequences of sin and the need for forgiveness. Colton will have to trust God that all things will work together for good.

If you loved “Facing the Giants” and “Remember the Titans” you will root for Colton Preston.

Paperback:  $9.99  Kindle Edition:  $4.99

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A princess needs to be rescued.
A knight needs to have his confidence restored.
A kingdom to be united.
The harmony of the three kingdoms of Alphania, Memphilla and Winthrop are threatened by the evil Aldair who is driven by his lust for power and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
The land needs a hero.
A mysterious dragon holds the key that will dramatically change life for everyone.
Knight of Redemption is a medieval, action romance that will take you through the adventures of Cashton and Crystaline. Cashton, a former knight from Alphania, fled when Aldair seized power of the kingdom. Cashton is pressed into action when Crystaline is captured. He must choose to be the hero he was destined to be and rescue Crystaline from Aldair as well as confront a dragon. Will his confidence be shattered or will love restore him to the man he always wanted to be?

Paperback:  $9.99  Kindle Edition:  $2.99

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Gideon Force is an elite tactical unit led by Commander Gabriel Morrison called to help missionaries around the world by rescuing them from persecution they face from radical groups and governments. The unit is equipped with a futuristic military-style armada to assist them in their mission. Members of the Force are hand-picked by God to serve their fellow man in protecting those who are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kindle Edition Only:  99 cents

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Passing Toward The Prize: Interview with the Author

BookCoverImageToday is the official release of the new Christian football fiction book, “Passing Toward The Prize”.  In this blog entry, I am going to do a self-interview of this self-published book.

Briefly tell us what your new book is about.

The book is the story of Colton Preston.  He is a teenager at a small town high school in Georgia.  His father is a minister at a church in town.  Colton has lots of friends, a sweet girlfriend and has a promising chance to become the starting quarterback on the football team.  His world changes when his father decides to accept an appointment to a new church hundreds of miles away.  The story is set in about the early 1980s when we didn’t have the luxury of smartphones, texting or even email.   The book follows the challenges that Colton faces in his life.  If you liked “Facing The Giants” or “Remember The Titans” I think you will like this book.

What was the inspiration for the book?

It is a combination of a lot of things.  I would say it’s foundation came from my own life’s experiences.  I would say that it is loosely based upon my life because I was never a football star and I never had the relationships that Colton has in the book.  I might go as far as saying it came from an inspiration about how things could have been.

The book deals with some serious issues such as racism, premarital sex and depression.  What do you want your readers to come away with on these issues?

You are right to say there are some serious issues, but they are real issues that young people deal with.  I want them to see that, if they hang in there, things can get better and not give up when everything seems to be against you.   The racism in the book is what some would call “reverse racism” but racism is racism regardless of who you are.  I was raised to respect everyone.  We should never judge people based on their differences but work together for a common purpose.  The issue of premarital sex in the book might be a difficult topic for the church folks; however, it is a very real issue and not one we should hide from.  Sometimes there are moments of weakness but we must remember that forgiveness can heal.  Teen depression is also another subject that I think adults take lightly.   Colton goes through all of these things and shows that you can be a winner in your own life.

You have made Colton a preacher’s kid in the book.  Why add that into the mix?

That part is based upon my own experience and I think it adds the additional pressures that a preacher’s kid faces in the desire to please everyone because they live their lives in a fish bowl for everyone to see.  I think we can learn that when we do things to please everyone that it is a frustrating pursuit.  We have to be the best person we can be and just let people deal with their own expectations of us.  Ultimately, we are going to disappoint people.  That’s just a sad reality of life but we can rise above whatever label people put on us because of who are parents are.

In the book you depict a strained relationship between Colton and his father. Is this something you experienced personally?

Yes, but I think you will see in the book that sometimes a strained relationship such as a father-son relationship is about the lack of communication and not understanding each other.  It seems that when each side doesn’t understand the other and that creates the strain in the relationship.  We tend to have unreasonable expectations and not enough information about why we do the things we do.

Colton is depicted as a talented football player in the book.  Were you also gifted in football ability?

Absolutely not.  I had the desire but I lacked in physical ability.  I did try to play in high school but I took a beating.  I would come home bruised and battered.  I think what I enjoyed the most was being on the team.

Who do you think this book will appeal to?

While it is a story about a teenager, I believe this book will appeal to any age group.  The issues that Colton deals with are issues that we all face regardless of our age.  I think the subject of forgiveness transcends any age group.   Some people get so caught up in casting stones that they ignore their own need for forgiveness.

You can get your copy of “Passing Toward The Prize” today on in paperback or Kindle format.