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Titans’ Season Is Sacked

Titans give up one of their six sacks against the Texans

They have a saying around here when the Tennessee Titans play to “Titan Up” but after last night’s embarrassing loss to the Houston Texans I think all the screws have come off on the 2018 season.

My rant follows….

This is a team that had lots of promise coming into this season.  New coach.  New uniforms.  New attitude.  The Titans came off a surprising playoff run in 2017 with a win over the Kansas City Chiefs.  The 2018 season has not lived up to that promise.

I may not be an expert in football knowledge but I am experienced in following frustrating teams having been an Atlanta Falcons’ fan for most of my life.  It ended with that Super Bowl collapse against New England.  I moved to Nashville in 2014 and have gradually adopted the Titans.  Once again, I am dealt with yet another frustrating NFL team to follow.

Last night the Titans jumped out to a 10-0 lead.  It didn’t last long.  Then came “the call” in the 2nd quarter when the Titans had the ball at the 3-yard-line and decided to go for it on 4th-and-inches.  In a call no one in the football play calling universe can explain, QB Marcus Mariota handed the ball off to Tight End Luke Stocker for his FIRST NFL carry and was stuffed.  On the very next play, Lamar Miller burst through the Titans for a 97-yard touchdown run.   After that, the Titans were done.  Mariota had to scramble for his life the rest of the game and was sacked six times.  I wanted them to take him out and put in another quarterback.  He was getting killed back there.

Some glaring weaknesses which have hurt the Titans all season.  Weak offensive line, inconsistent running game and terrible pass defense.

The offensive line has given up a boat-load of sacks this year.  They lead the league with 39 sacks.  In their game against the Baltimore Ravens on October 14th, the Ravens had a record number of sacks in the game.  I don’t care who you hire as an offensive coordinator, if you can’t give the offense time no play is going to work.  The Titans signed Dion Lewis in the offseason to help with the running game but just because Lewis had previously been with the New England Patriots doesn’t mean much.  If he was good they would have kept him don’t you think?  Same is true for cornerback  Malcolm Butler.   Derrick Henry is a good running back but he isn’t consistent.  He has flashes of greatness but not enough.  The Titans really need a solid running back.

The Titans have had their moments.  They beat the Super Bowl teams from last season but then get blown out by the Colts and Texans.  I would have to relive a Dennis Green interview of the past and say the same thing about the Colts and Texans.  They aren’t as good as people think they are.  Plus the AFC South is a very weak division.

And playoffs?  You want to talk about playoffs?  Again I have to summon up an old clip from Jim Mora when I think of the Titans’ chances of making the playoffs.  No, they aren’t mathematically eliminated but I think they might as well be.  They are currently seventh in the wildcard race.  They are now three games behind division-leading Houston.  The Titans play four of their last five games at home.  I have no confidence that they can go 5-0 which is probably what they need to do to make the playoffs.  Their remaining opponents are the Jets, Jaguars, Giants, Redskins and Colts.  I don’t feel good about any of these games.  Having followed frustrating teams before I would say it will go like this:  The Titans will beat the Jets and Jaguars but then fall flat against the Giants.  That would make their record 7-7 and needing to win their final two games against the Redskins and Colts.  By then, even a remote possibility of a 9-7 record would not be enough when it comes down to tiebreakers against teams who are ahead of them in the wildcard standings.  All of their losses so far have been to teams in the AFC.  That’s not going to help.

I’m done.  I’m not putting myself through it.  Let’s go Preds!



Titans Reveal New Uniforms and…

Under the category of “nothing to see here” the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL) had a big to-do about the “evolution” of their new uniforms. Aside from the clandestine-like leak of the information prior to the big reveal, it was basically insignificant changes.

Different font and some color changes with the biggest change from white helmets with the Titans logo to a dark helmet with the same logo.

I’m okay with it. Just not wowed by it.

Of course with all this hoopla about a uniform change I think back to a high school coach in Georgia who was once asked about his team wearing new pants color for an upcoming game. He said that he never saw a pair of pants make a play or tackle anyone. Same is true for these publicity stunts of uniform changes. I will have to give the Titans some credit for not doing something stupid like going to gold uniforms.

So will the Titans look pretty? Maybe. Will it affect the way they play on the field? Not at all. Those nice new uniforms will get dirty just like the old ones. No one will care if they changed to blue, black or periwinkle if they win a Super Bowl. No one will give credit to the new font or color variations.

I think back to some of the other NFL teams who had uniform changes;

Atlanta Falcons – I didn’t like the Jerry Granville era when the Falcons were all black. I did like it when they decided to alter the Falcon logo where the Falcons’ wings weren’t completely in a down flap.

Cleveland Browns – Yep, they made a change but no one noticed.

Denver Broncos – I loved the old look with the Bronco bursting through the D. I still have problems with the new look.

Miami Dolphins – Never likes the change and I don’t believe the team has been much of a winner since the change.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I go back and forth on this one. I liked the old Bruce the Buccaneer logo but not so much the orange.

Seattle Seahawks – Lime Green jersies. Need I say more?

So it remains to be seen how the Titans’ change will affect anything.

Titans Have No Chance Against Brady in Bah-ston?

Do The Titans Stand A Chance Against Tom Brady’s Patriots?

Yesterday I heard the following conversation in the hallway to my office:

“Do you think the Titans have a chance against Brady?”

“Not gonna happen my friend.  They gotta go up to Bah-ston to play the Pats.  No way they gonna win against Brady.”

It was clear with the respondents thick New England accent that he is pretty certain that the Titans might as well stay in Nashville instead of wasting time playing in the American Football Conference Divisional Playoff game at New England this Saturday.

The Titans advanced to this playoff round after “upsetting” the Kansas City Chiefs, 22-21, in last week’s Wildcard Playoff game in Kansas City.  They called that one an upset but not many people were surprised about it.  It’s a little different this week.

The defending Super Bowl champs are 100 point favorites in the game.  (Actually, it’s 13.5)

I have read this week any thoughts on any possibilities of how the Titans could pull off one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history this weekend.  Here are some of the ideas of how it could happen:

  • Tom Brady gets injured
  • Marcus Mariota has the best game of his career.
  • Patriots turnover the ball five times.
  • Derrick Henry gets 200 yards rushing.
  • Titans’ defense totally plays beyond their ability.

Yeah, doesn’t look very hopeful to me either.

I’m sure the most diehard Titans’ fans have the faith but you’d compare them to people who still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Sure, there’s always a chance.  Upsets happen.  The NFL hasn’t had one in a while.  In fact, I wondered about NFL upsets in the playoffs.  Here are the five biggest upsets in NFL playoff history:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars 30, Denver Broncos 27 – 1996 AFC Divisional Playoffs:  No one saw this coming.  The Jaguars had made the playoffs in their second year of existence and played the Broncos who were 13-3.  The Broncos jumped out to a 12-0 lead but missed both extra point attempts.  The Jaguars came back to dominate the Broncos.
  2. Seattle Seahawks 41, New Orleans Saints 36 – 2010 NFC Wildcard:  The Saints were the defending Super Bowl champions.  It was a quirky situation since the Seahawks were hosting the playoff game with a 7-9 record as champions of a weak NFC West.  Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch punished the Saints with 131 yards in perhaps the best game of his career.
  3. Atlanta Falcons 27, Green Bay Packers 7 – 2002 NFC Wildcard:  It was all you heard before this game – “Green Bay had never lost a playoff game on the frozen tundra” – The Falcons dominated the Packers as Green Bay turned the ball over five times.  Brett Favre had a complete meltdown in the game.
  4. Los Angeles Rams 21, Dallas Cowboys 19 – 1979 NFC Divisional Playoffs:  The Cowboys came into the game with an 11-5 record and had played in the two previous Super Bowls.  The Rams were 9-7 but QB Vince Ferragamo played lights-out in the game with two touchdown passes in what was Dallas Cowboys’ QB Roger Staubach’s last game.
  5. New York Giants 15, San Francisco 49ers 13 – 1990 NFC Championship Game:  The 49ers were the dynasty at the time and were expected to return to the Super Bowl.  With just over two minutes left in the game, 49er RB Roger Craig fumbled the ball which was recovered by Giants’ LB Lawrence Taylor to set up the game winning field goal by Matt Bahr.

There were many games to choose from but these stood out from the lists.  Some of the common factors which led to upsets in NFL playoff games were:

  • An NFL star player had the worst game of their season or career.
  • Favored team had at least five turnovers.
  • Player on underdog team had a career game.

So with the Patriots as a 13.5 point favorite this weekend, what are the top five point spreads in NFL playoff history (including Super Bowls):

  1. 19 points – San Francisco 49ers vs. San Diego Chargers (Super Bowl XXIX) – 49ers won 49-26.
  2. 18 points – Baltimore Colts vs. New York Jets (Super Bowl III) – Jets upset the Colts 16-7.
  3. 16.5 points – Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals (1998 NFC Divisional Playoffs) – Vikings won 41-21
  4. 15.5 points – San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears (1994 NFC Divisional Playoffs) – 49ers won 44-15.
  5. 15 points – Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons (1978 NFC Divisional Playoffs) – Cowboys won 27-20.

With the New England Patriots seemingly just using this week’s game against the Titans as a warmup for their AFC Championship matchup with Pittsburgh in two weeks, I wondered about the last times that New England had suffered an upset in the NFL Playoffs:

  • 2012 AFC Championship Game – Lost to Baltimore Ravens 28-13.
    • Patriots were 7.5 point favorites
    • Tom Brady was “un-Brady like” with two interceptions.
    • Patriots had 3 turnovers vs. none for Ravens.
  • 2010 AFC Divisional Playoffs – Lost to NY Jets 28-21.
    • Patriots were 9.5 point favorites
    • Brady was sacked 5 times for 40 yards
    • Jets QB Mark Sanchez outplayed Tom Brady.  He completed 16 of 25 passes for 194 yards and three touchdowns.
  • 2009 AFC Wild Card Game – Lost to Baltimore Ravens 33-14.
    • Patriots were 4 point favorites
    • Ravens outrushed the Patriots 234-64.
    • Patriots had four turnovers.
    • Ravens got off to fast start with 83-yard TD on first play

The New England Patriots are 7-1 against Tennessee.  The only win for the Titans came on December 16. 2002 in their first-ever meeting in Nashville.  The Titans won 24-7.

The last time the Titans played the Patriots in the postseason was in January 2004.  Patriots’ Kicker Adam Vinatieri gave New England the win with a 46-yard field goal with less than five minutes left for a 17-14 win.  Another note about that game – it was the coldest game in Patriots’ history (4 degrees with minus 10 degree wind chill at kickoff).    This Saturday’s forecast predicts a rainy day with temps around 19 at kickoff.

Most of the football world expects the New England Patriots to easily dispatch of the Tennessee Titans and continue toward another Super Bowl trophy.  All signs point to that.  Every NFL expert gives the Patriots the green light this weekend.  Funny thing about the game of football, it’s not played with a round ball.  It bounces funny (even without deflate gate issues).   These are the kinds of games that set the stage for the term “upset”.   No one expects.  Patriot-haters secretly hope for it.

If there’s one thing I have learned in all the years of watching football is that you can never assume anything.  Just when you think you have it figured out, something happens.  This could either be the biggest upset in the NFL playoffs in recent years or the Patriots will do exactly what everyone expects to happen.

You’re playing against Brady in Bah-ston, Titans have no chance right?

My Top Five Super Bowl Games


This weekend will be the 51st game of the Super Bowl.  The Atlanta Falcons will play the New England Patriots for the title on Sunday.  Today, I am looking back at the top five Super Bowl games I have watched.

I’m not quite old enough to remember the first Super Bowl, which was not yet known by that name when Green Bay defeated Kansas City.  That was in 1967 and I was two years old.  The first Super Bowl that I remember watching was 1977 when the Oakland Raiders beat Minnesota 32-14.

Looking back, here are my favorite games:

XX – Chicago Bears 46, New England Patriots 10 

Yes, it was a huge blowout but I was all about the Super Bowl shuffle, Refrigerator Perry running the ball and Walter Payton finally winning a championship.  The Patriots stunned everyone by getting to the game for the first time.   They have been back a few times since then.

XLIX – New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24 

I didn’t really like either of these teams but of the two, I liked the Patriots more.  It will always be a mystery why Pete Carroll decided to go with a pass at the New England 1-yard line with 26 seconds left.  Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass to save the game for the Patriots.  We will never know why the Seahawks didn’t give the ball to running back Marshawn Lynch.  Conspiracy theories over this abound.  The Patriots were fresh off the “deflate gate” win in the AFC Championship Game.

XXV – New York Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19

This was the first close game in several years.  Buffalo’s kicker Scott Norwood missed a field goal in the closing seconds.  This was the first of four straight Super Bowl appearances – and losses – by Buffalo.  Giants running back Ottis Anderson was the game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) as he had 21 carries for 102 yards and one touchdown.

XXXIV – St. Louis Rams 23, Tennessee Titans 16

It was indeed a game of inches as Tennessee Titans receiver Kevin Dyson was stopped one yard short of the goal line as time expired to give the Rams their first Super Bowl title.  The Rams were lead by a potent offensive attack lead by Kurt Warner.  The Rams jumped out to a 16-0 lead but it took a game saving tackle by Rams linebacker Mike Jones in the end.   This was probably one of the most exciting games on this list.

XIII – Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31

We will always wonder how this game would have turned out if Cowboy’s tight end Jackie Smith had not dropped a pass in the end zone in the third quarter with the Cowboys trailing the Steelers 21-14.   Dallas had to settle for a field goal.  That point differential was crucial in the end.  The Steelers went up 35-17 in the fourth before the Cowboys rallied to close within 35-31 with 22 seconds left.

Another close one this year?

According to Madden NFL, the video game predicts that the New England Patriots will beat the Atlanta Falcons 27-24 in another close game that comes down to the final seconds.

My First NFL Game

I have been a football fan for as long as I can remember and watched many National Football League (NFL) games on television.  From my very first memories of watching Joe Namath to the first season that the Atlanta Falcons made the playoffs, I always wanted to go to a game in person but it never happened until Sunday.   My wife got us two tickets to the Tennessee Titans’ final regular season game against the Houston Texans for Christmas.  Although there were no playoff issues to play for on either side, it was still an awesome game and experience.  The Titans jumped out to a 14-0 lead and held on for a 24-17 win and their first winning season since 2011.  

So why had it taken me this long to go to my first game?

I grew up in a strict religious home so it was not allowed to go to events where alcohol was sold.  Other times either I didn’t live near a team or it was just too expensive or some other reasons.  It is always difficult to pay a lot of money to go and risk sitting in the wrong place where people have no regard for anyone else.  This can really ruin the whole experience.   There’s also the logistics of getting to the game, parking and navigating through the crowds.  

I have been to two NFL games before but I was working as a writer/reporter then and it’s not quite the same when you are working.  It’s just a whole new experience when you go to a game as a fan.  You don’t have to worry about keeping stats or writing a game story, you can just enjoy the game.  

Here are a few observations about going to an NFL game:

  • Everything is much smaller than you think.  On television the stadium seems a lot bigger.
  • You don’t have television commentary.  You don’t know any of the back stories of the players or inside scoops about what is going on down on the field.
  • I had to remember to watch that I could watch the action on the field and didn’t have to watch the game on the jumbotron.  
  • It’s not as easy to take a bathroom break like you can watching at home.
  • You get to experience the elements and energy in the stadium.  It’s like you are part of the game.
  • You see what happens during commercials.  They have contests with fans doing different things to win prizes.
  • You get free stuff.  We got Titans’ calendars for 2017!
  • Witnessing the guy sitting next to you chew tobacco and spit in a pizza box the entire game.  (It is the personalized Nashville experience)
  • Instead of changing the channel, you have to be forced out by stadium personnel and join the herd of people leaving the stadium.

Now my wife and I have experienced the professional teams in the Music City.  We loved going to see the Predators (hockey), not so much the Sounds (baseball) and wasted our money watching the Venom (indoor football).  We will be back to a Titans game in the future.