Hanging Out In The Service Department

If there were a list of things I don’t like about being an adult is the necessary chore of waiting for maintenance or repairs on the car. I have spent countless hours of my adult life waiting for oil changes, tire repairs and other things related to owning a vehicle.

Right now I am sitting in the service department eagerly listening for my name to be called so I can go on with my life. Fortunately, today I know how much this wait is going to cost unless the guy comes in and asks “Mr. Hooper can I talk to you a second?” Yeah, those talks always turn out to be expensive. I hope I’m just paying for an oil change today.

So here I am. The car is out of my sight. That makes me worry too. You always wonder what is going on back there. I’m hoping they are too busy to create any problems. We all place a blind faith in what’s going on back there.

This is also the life of owning one car. You are stuck with waiting or taking the shuttle to/from work. That can be tricky working that out. When you have one car you have to take care of it because there is no back up.

Well, I just got “the talk” and now I’m paying $100 more dollars than I expected. Two filters need to be replaced. You had to know something was coming right? Oh he wanted to do more because stuff that needs to be done at a certain mileage. I’m thrilled they are so diligent about my car. I guess it could be worse. Believe me, I have been through worse. The first thing that comes to mind was the time I changed the oil in my car and mis-thread the oil filter. The oil leaked out and the engine seized up. Yes, I know. My stomach still gets that sick feeling when I think about that. Needless to say, that was the last time I ever changed the oil.

This is an hour or more of my life I won’t get back and money I will spend which I hadn’t budgeted. This is not the fun part of adulting.

One of the things that I have always dreaded was having to describe sounds or issues that didn’t seem right with my car. I’m not very good with mimicking car sounds. I think the mechanics must be entertained by our attempts to make those sounds and trying to describe car issues. I can just imagine them getting together and comparing customer stories.

So, on the list of things I don’t like about being an adult is the very place I am now – hanging out in the waiting room of the service department.