Staying Calm in the Fire

I had a bad week at work last week. Issues came out me from every direction. It was a difficult week. It wasn’t the first time I have had a week like this but I found myself putting out fires.

Throughout the week I thought of the story of the three Hebrew dudes in the Book of Daniel. These guys were throw into a fiery furnace when the king got pissed off that they refused to worship him. When he ordered them to be throw into the fire, after he did, he saw a fourth man in the flames with them. The flames did not burn these guys who feared God more than the king.

Although I wasn’t in a physical fire last week, I was definitely in the flames of stress and frustration. I did my best to remind myself that God was with me in it. What’s interesting to remember and the story of the Hebrew guys in the furnace is that God didn’t deliver them FROM the fire but kept them while they were IN the flames. That’s a good thing to keep in mind because although God could keep us from difficult situations, He will sometimes allow it but He’s still with us.

That’s nice isn’t it? But it doesn’t always help to only KNOW this. I can tell you that I did everything to remember that God was with me in my “fire” last week but I didn’t exactly handle it gracefully. I complained often and let it get to me at times. I never read where the Hebrews complained or were even stressed about their situation. I wouldn’t have been a good Hebrew guy in the fiery furnace.

I did all the things that I thought would work. I prayed. I had quiet time with God. I read the Bible and listened to uplifting music but the week got the best of me. Although I did the right things I didn’t put enough effort in them to allow it to bring me peace. Instead, my mind was racing around to what I HAD to get done next. I was waiting for my time to be done with God so I could move on. I put my time in with God thinking that was enough. It wasn’t.

We can’t simply punch our time card with God without committing ourselves in spending time with Him and allowing Him to be with us. I need to do better about this next time when I am not liking my job.

Let’s not get so distracted at the flames that we forget about who’s with us in the flames.